Maximizing the potential of data

Beyond digitization

Guiding the future through data

In today's business landscape, several Italian companies are adopting an innovative operational approach. The implementation of advanced tools and the optimization of processes are fundamental pillars for business management.
However, this evolution goes far beyond the simple adoption of technologies. The true focus lies in the conscious and strategic use of data generated by these technologies, a crucial aspect for both manufacturing and service-oriented businesses.

In a time where the business routine is permeated by advanced technological solutions, the perspective shifts towards deepening the knowledge derived from data.
It's not just about collecting information, but understanding deeply how to leverage it to gain a significant advantage. This challenge is not confined to specific sectors; intelligent data management has become a cross-cutting necessity.

The value of data extends beyond operational optimization. Today, the conscious management of these resources is the key to guiding strategic business decisions.
In a world where innovation is closely tied to a deep understanding of data, the ability to use them smartly becomes the focal point for sustainable business growth.

Practical Scenarios

Fully Harnessing Data with Our Services

We have developed innovative projects for our clients, helping them maximize the strategic use of their data.
The following possibilities provide just a glimpse of what is achievable with the right management and analysis of data.


Quality control and product innovation

Dashboard Quality control and product innovation
Dashboard to assess production quality by product category, annual compliance targets, and delivery punctuality

Improvement of Production Quality

Visualization of an immediate snapshot of key metrics related to production quality.
The goal is to address critical points in the production process as they arise, directly contributing to the continuous improvement of product quality.

Adaptability and Innovation

Use of collected data to adapt production processes to new market needs and to stimulate innovation, customizing products based on customer demands.

Product Traceability

Collection and recording of data to trace the entire life cycle of products, ensuring regulatory compliance and a swift response to quality issues.


Performance evaluation

KPI Performance evaluation
Dashboard to monitor the real-time progress of project development

Estimating Future Revenue

Use of data visualization tools for an accurate forecast of revenue in the upcoming years.

Cost Analysis

Data management enables in-depth analysis of production costs, identifying savings opportunities and improving overall profitability.

Enhancing Reputation and Efficiency

Integration of Balanced Scorecard to elevate process quality, improve reputation with customers, and optimize operational efficiency.

Sales and Order Forecasting

Using advanced tools to gain a precise view of future trends in sales and orders, improving resource planning and management.

Real-time Monitoring of Project Development

We have developed a specific tool to provide our clients with the ability to track the real-time progress of outsourced data projects.

This transparency enables more effective communication, improving collaboration and ensuring that expectations are always aligned with the actual project progress.

Machines 4.0

Performance, quality, efficiency

Machines 4.0 Performance, quality, efficiency
The results of the mold configuration in Formula Foundry, with the machines suggested for the specified mold parameters

Reducing Human Errors and Certifying Processes

The adoption of Industry 4.0 machinery not only tracks critical aspects but also certifies processes, drastically reducing the risk of human errors.

A tangible example is the injection curve analysis at Formula Foundry. The software we designed - based on the patented algorithm by Roberto Camerin - optimizes the die-casting process.

Specifically, we analyze the injection curves of the press, processing information to correctly interpret process variables. The software helps the foundry achieve proper mold filling, reducing waste and increasing production efficiency.

Performance Monitoring

Data collected from Industry 4.0 machines can be used to monitor machinery performance in real-time. This allows for the timely identification of any anomalies or malfunctions, reducing machine downtime and improving overall efficiency.

Predictive Maintenance

Analyzing data from machinery enables the implementation of predictive maintenance strategies. This means intervening before a component actually fails, reducing maintenance costs and increasing machinery availability.

Quality Control and Certification

Data collection can be employed to monitor, control, and certify product quality in real-time. This is particularly crucial in sectors where precision and consistency are paramount, such as in the automotive industry.

Energy Efficiency

Data collection and analysis can contribute to improving the energy efficiency of machinery and processes, reducing environmental impact and associated energy costs.

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