Our partners

When companies choose Techseed to strengthen their technology area, they always find a proactive ally for technological progress, in accordance with their business objectives.

Under certain circumstances, if there is a clear indication of interest, Techseed has actively established itself as a a strategic partner, bringing on board both the extensive knowledge acquired over the years in the IT field and a genuine curiosity for the company's new areas of competence.

Formula Foundry

Formula Foundry is an innovative research and development startup that works in the die-casting field of Zamak and Aluminium.
The core of the company is a software, based on a patented process, that allows to design, adjust and monitor the die-casting process.

Within the partnership with Formula Foundry, Techseed deals with the coding and management of the software, with the aim of making the process devised by Roberto Camerin accessible to foundry operators.

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MountainGear is an e-commerce of sporting equipment, born from a great passion for the mountains.
This shared passion has given life to the company, which offers products tested in real-world conditions, with the main focus on quality and safety.

Techseed's role within this company is the management of the e-commerce portal.

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VisiOnLearning deals with distance learning, whether it is providing courses in e-learning, Live streaming or recordings of studio lessons.

Within this partnership, Techseed is responsible for the development of the TxdStream platform.

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